DeathShifter takes place in a modernized fantasy world where technology has thrived. The magic that once existed vanished thousands of years ago during an event called Faye Day. Our story begins when four friends, an Orc, Dragon, Pixie, and Elf, find an unconscious man lying in a bush. As they befriend Clay Treda and try to help him with his memory loss, they uncover secrets about their world while discovering the uncanny ability that lies within Clay. 


Join us for the DeathShifter podcast and experience the humorous adventure that'll unfold! And check out our social media pages below to chat with the team lurking in the shadows. Check out for exclusive trailers, bonus Episodes, and more!

DeathShifter Team

Ethan- I am freshly married and work full time as a supervisor.  I am originally from Los Angeles, California, but currently live in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I am passionate about my wife and enjoy playing video games, watching movies, and most generally nerdy things.  I played soccer and basketball growing up and went on to coach basketball for a few years.  This is the first time voicing characters, and hoping people enjoy it.  I do a couple of different voices in the show, but the main one being Herman the Orc.

Our Beginning

D.K. Nova had an idea and shared it with his brother Ethan, and their friends, Andy and Ray. After initially trying to make it an animated T.V. show, we realized how hard that was going to be for the four of us with are already busy schedules. So we decided to turn it into a podcast to share with all of you! If you have any questions for our team members, send us an email or visit our social media pages below. We will do our best to respond!

Talk to us!

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